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Vinyl 3D city at night

Vinyl 3D city at night
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150 cm x 80 cm
169 cm x 90 cm
132 cm x 70 cm
188 cm x 100 cm

When buying painted paper you will receive the glue FREE!
Our wallpaper can be placed on walls with gotelé and smooth walls.

Smooth Surfaces Vinyl
Gotelé Vinyl or Low Adherence Surfaces
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Looking for vinyl 3D to decorate walls?. In Vinyl House® We offer you this spectacular "Vinyl 3D city at night"with which you can decorate walls, decorate rooms, decorate shops, decorate shopsdecorating bedrooms, decorate kitchens, decorating objects, etc... quick, easy and very economical way. This 3D vinyl perteneciente a la categorĂ­a de Vinyl 3d cities and monuments makes the effect or simulates a broken wall and is ideal for decorate houses, decorating apartmentsdecorate office and any space that requires a Vinyl in the decoration. In contrast to other manufacturers or brands, in Vinyl House® all of our Luminescent panels dividing fluowall, Vinyl walls, stickers for walls o stickers for walls are manufactured with high quality materials, thus guaranteeing you a durable product and the best price in the market.

In walls with Gotelé or Surfaces with little adhesion, we only recommend the products that have to select the option for walls with Gotelé or Surfaces with little adhesion.
All vinyls come die-cut or cut by the shape or contour of the drawing.
Colors may vary depending on the calibration of your monitor or device.
The copper, gold and silver colors are simulations of each color.
The images that you send us for any personalized product are reviewed and improved with artificial intelligence programs, but we are not responsible for the quality of the image that you send us.