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¿ Why buy in Vinilos Casa ® ?


Calidad Vinilos CasaCalidad Vinilos Casa


Because we take care of your money, your purchase is fully insured. 

Because your purchase is fully guaranteed to make your payment by one of these three ways:

Payment with credit or debit card: Once selected this method of payment, you will be taken to the website of the Bank "La Caixa" that it has the highest security measures.

Payment by PayPal ™: PayPal ™ a company is owned by eBay, which belongs to the sector of e-commerce on the Internet and which allows the transfer of money between users who have an email account. PayPal ™ It has the highest measures of security and just like the previous, your purchase will be guaranteed.

Income account or bank transfer payment: This option is for those people that for the reason that is, at a certain point, don't want to pay for your purchase using PayPal ™, credit or debit card. The only drawback that this form of payment is that, until the bank confirms no income, purchased products do not come in the production chain, so there would be a delay of 24 hours in your shipment.

Because all your purchases will be sent certified by the Agency of transportation POST - MRW, with which you will receive a SMS indicating that your order has been sent and you will also receive un e-mail providing you the tracking number of your purchase, so you can follow the shipment whenever you wish.

Because Vinyl House ® It is manufacturer and not a Distributor, which will save you money and headaches caused by buy in another web page, store, etc...

Because the Luminescent panels dividing fluowall brand Vinyl House ® they are manufactured in Spain and not in other countries, as it is the case with a very high percentage of websites or stores that offer Luminescent panels dividing fluowall "Not made in Spain".

Because we have a large number of satisfied customers, as thousands of followers of our website at Facebook ® antigüedadesjugueteslibros , and all those who support us in where we are present. (You can see at the bottom of our website some of the comments from our customers or followers of Facebook ®).

Because our machines and working tools are cutting-edge, which guarantees a maximum quality product.

Because our team consists of highly qualified young people and we have specialists in design, programming, processes of manufacture and marketing, which converts to Vinyl House ® in a company with present and future.

Because when buy decorative brand Vinyl House ®, you will have the guarantee that you will receive exactly what you have purchased, i.e., a product of high quality that only our brand can offer you.


¿ Qué recibes al comprar en Vinilos Casa ® ?

A product Vinyl House ®manufactured with the best brands of the market in the materials that we use for the manufacture of Luminescent panels dividing fluowall,stickers for walls, stickers for walls, and passing through a rigorous quality control, which guarantees you a top quality product.

All the Luminescent panels dividing fluowall, stickers for walls, stickers for walls, they are shipped in a rigid container, which protects them from any damage, ensuring that the product receive you in perfect condition.

You will receive an instruction sheet together with a spatula of placement, completely free, thus providing the installation of your Luminescent panels dividing fluowall, stickers for wallsstickers for walls, etc...


¿ Qué precios tienen los productos Vinilos Casa ® ?

Our specialists are constantly studying the market where we compete and observed as a very high number of companies raise prices, to then offer discounts deceptive. Others lower their quality and offered at unimaginable prices and poor quality products.

In Vinyl House ® We raise the quality of our products, we keep the original prices and offer some discounts reals, which you will see on each product page.


¿ Quiénes somos y dónde estamos ?


Vinilos Decorativos | Vinilos Casa | Envío Gratis


Vinyl House ® It is a company specialized in the manufacture of Luminescent panels dividing fluowall, stickers for walls, decorative wall stickers, decorative stickers, stickers for walls, etc., we have a wide range of products and our goal is to provide you with maximum satisfaction with your purchase, so we put at your disposal all the tools available on our website, and a personalized attention, either through our Chat where you can talk to an expert whenever you want, or through our customer service phone (+ 34) 963 645 889- (+ 34) 960 010 029.

Our company is located in the Calle Massamagrell Nº 20, Dpcho. 38, Polígono Industrial Rafelbunyol, C.P. 46138 Valencia - Spain.

We look forward to your visit in be as pleasant as possible and we are at your disposal for any questions, comments or suggestions to us you want to get.


¡ Aviso Importante !


All orders received after 12:00 pm They may not be shipped the same day of purchase.


For countries outside of Spain, European Community or areas within the Spanish territory (Canary Islands, Ceuta, etc.) that require processing, taxes and/or customs charges, these expenses or payments shall be borne by the customer on the target, so it will not reflected in the invoice issued by vinyl House S.L.


Opening hours:

Offices: Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Manufacturing: Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm


Legal data of vinyl House ®


NIF/CIF/VAT: B98452543

Address: Massamagrell Street no. 20, Dpcho. 38, Polígono Industrial Rafelbunyol, C.P. 46138 Valencia - Spain

Phone: (+ 34) 963 645 889- (+ 34) 960 010 029

Fax: (+ 34) 963 645 889- (+ 34) 960 010 029

Society registered in the mercantile registry of Valencia, volume 9486, folio 88, 1 registration with sheet V-149061.


Copyright of all trademarks, trade names, trademarks, logos and images belong to their respective owners.

Stop suffering by having to assemble a puzzle !
- We manufacture and send the vinyls in a single sheet -
"The excellence in quality, price and delivery time... is guarantee in your purchases".

Best materials on the market

Best materials on the market

High quality packaging

High quality packaging

Thousands of satisfied customers

Thousands of satisfied customers

Why choosing our stickers and vinyls is your best option ?

Calidad Vinilos CasaCalidad Vinilos CasaCalidad Vinilos Casa
✓ Express delivery in 24/72 hours. by MRW.
✓ FREE text, phrase and placement spatula.
✓ Thousands of satisfied customers with their purchase.
✓ High resolution printing and photo quality.
✓ Best price, printing and materials GUARANTEED !
✓ Made with High Quality self-adhesive vinyl.
✓ They do not require any type of glue or adhesive for placement.
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4584 customers reviews
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